Sunday, July 20, 2008

Maximum entropy

After four weeks of field school, I am home till Tuesday, when eight of us will drive up and dig in Quebec. It is possible that some of us are a little tired, although we also have pretty much our chops as much we will get them: forearms like steel, livers like shoeleather, and a sense that six a.m. is kind of late to sleep in. And ten pm.m is definitely late to stay up.

I loved it.

The bugs were much much better the second two weeks. The weather was at times hot and often humid but we were only actually rained out on the last day. We found stuff.

Right now at home I am in contractor hell: he is waiting for things to arrive and we are hoping the tarp will stay on the pile of Future Kitchen of America on the front porch. Sarah brought me four fleeces to wash, which was fun given that I was already hot and sweaty and the fleeces smell agreeably like a fiber festival. Sarah has unloosed her Inner Tidy Person and is giving the anteroom What For, after sorting out a number of things in the loom room and making the living room much less awful (the living room is full of the Present Kitchen of America).

Sarah is a saint.

Soon we will have dinner.