Monday, September 20, 2010

Less hot, thank heaven

I have been reproved once again about the blogging. Will try to do better. Unexamined life has lots of toast in it. Pretty good, really.

House: Parts of it are still clean.My car, which one of my digging guests detail-tidied for me, is still clean. Even my Tupperware cabinet is still organized. I had a shot at my bedroom and the bathroom up there. The bathroom is much better, but the bedroom has devolved into chaos again.

People and cats in house: Nigel has not been seen since the second week of field school. I miss him, as he was the light-hearted one. I hope and hope and hope he has found another family rather than become part of someone else's biomass; he was showing up less and less often because Marten as beating him up all the time. Hard. Marten and Willow are fine, except she is too thin and he is too fat. They are sweetly sycophantic and wish I went outside more.

Katie the teenager has moved into Concord. I hope she is well; unlike Nigel, she Facebooks sometimes,but she has left a quantity of junk in the other upstairs bedroom. She knows what happens to abandoned property here, but I suspect she is waiting for 'life to calm down a little.' I tried to tell her life didn't usually get any calmer.

Doug is still here, and an excellent tenant and good friend. He is getting married in March but says he and Barbara will not be living together for at least three or four years, when one of them retires. There are all kinds of things that many of us have said, but whatever.

I am still here (and more like Marten than Willow). My health is decent and I need a job, etc. We won't discuss that.

The forty-foot garden is almost half done. I became severely sidetracked looking for 'before' pictures and have so far had no luck. Digging it involves sifting the excellent driveway gravel out of what appears to be a construction trench (we are running along the edge of where the garage was until it burned down in 2001)(well before my time)dumping in the imported loam (of which I still have a lot left; it's wonderful) and mixing some of the sifted mostly-sand back in. It goes slowly, since it goes so much faster when Doug and I work on it at the same time and he persists in having a life.

I have been doing beads.

Photobucket. I am working through this and this. More as it developes.