Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cold fog

No, not the inside of my head, definitely the outside.
Maybe not NOT so much as AS WELL. Two glasses of wine and I am still feeling tipsy this morning.

Despite well-founded misgivings about the future, I have been having a good time lately. Still going to the lab and playing with finds (now photographing them for the catalogue), for a few more days while Julia the Splendid Intern completes her internship hours (interring?). Saturday I went to the Dye Day at Julia the Moth Heaven's and got a shot of morale vitamins (and a margarita before noon....bad Claudia) and some color in my retina, some truly delicious white wine (if the Lovely Man were to tell me the variety, I would pursue its acquaintance)(the Lovely Man would be well worth pursuing but I liked him and Julia together, apart from wanting to live... I respect Julia deeply and she could SO take me) and generally really pleasant people some of whom I had met before and all of whom I hope to meet again. My toes have have almost returned to their usual color. I was so pleased that many of these legendary blogwomen were just as much fun in F2F reality. Julia's house and garden
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
are lovely, and her son has excellent taste in toys (farms and trains).

I wish I had talked to Claudia about Birch. I cannot get the lace in the second tier to come out alternating with the lace in the first tier, which explains why I have been unable to get farther than the third or fourth line of the second repeat no matter how many times I rip it (Italics indicate my James Earl Jones voice).

It was indeed somewhat warm that day.

It was less warm but more humid on Sunday, when Doug came over and did garden stuff with me. Regardless of the weather. While he waited for me to finish tidying the kitchen (so the excellent daughter would have scope to make me a birthday cake (the birthday was Friday. I am 49. How silly. Ellie gave me earrings, Julia the Intern gave me flowers, and Doug bought me Thai food. Due to the heat I was about as lively as a three-day old potato chip), Doug fixed the kitchen window so it actually opens and shuts now. Then we planted a bunch of things I have been buying because the prices were low and I could not resist: a dawn redwood (less than $20! I really liek the 30% off this time of year), the daylilies whose blooms you have already see in these pages, and several other perennials with enough character to get through crippling heat and neglect. We even managed to get to the lawnish bit outside the loom room where I have been wanting to make a shady garden. almost everywhere I have lived since 1980 has been shade-garden, so I am both weirded out and exhilarated here at Casa South-Facing to the Point of Sunstroke. But it was good to get back to a clime I know and put in some hostas.

It became more, and more, and more! humid and we could hear thunder in the distance until suddenly the wind swirled around and it POURED.

The frog puddle is full once again.


Etherknitter said...

I can hear the James Earl Jones voice. And the wine was Falanghina. From southern Italy.

Tnx for filling in my lapse with garden pix. It was SO hot....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the glowing review. I guess I know who gets a galley copy of the first novel.
And leave it to Laurie to peg the wine. Good luck tracking it down. But The Lovely Ma will always answer any wine questions, so feel free, because that's apart of him I gladly share *grin*
julia fc

Anonymous said...

Okay, for whatever reason this post only just updated on my bloglines today. Hrmph! I would have loved to have read it on time. Anyway, have you worked out your Birch issues yet? If you are working the decreases correctly (don't forget the one on the wrong side on the last row of the pattern) then working the rows as written should bring the repeats where they should be. Clear as mud, no? Let me know if you are getting it.

Teresa C said...

That last anon was me. Hit enter to quickly.

claudia said...

Happy Birthday! Perhaps it is time to break down and buy/consult the actual Birch pattern?