Friday, May 26, 2006

When You're a Jet You're a Jet

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These are not just pushover chickies, no sir. They are TOUGH. Only, if you take them outside they don't go more than a few feet away. Which considering the hawks (and the foxes and coyotes, each of which I have only seen once here) is probably a good call. One or two of them is beginning to cluck, now, rather than cheep, and my suspicions about the palest chipmunk-colored one's maleness are not going away. They are reasonable company when one is weeding. Mascara can catch black flies in mid-air. So far they have been frightened of worms.

The woodfrog tadpoles are almost a centimeter long in the body, like oval BB's, and I am surprised at how large they are without having sprouted even back legs yet. I believe digestion gets iffy for awhile as one transforms, so maybe they are bulking up. I will certainly not lead the chickens to the backyard for a few weeks after the tadpoles leave the water, as I don't think they are as frightening as worms.

The frog, at least _a_ frog, has returned to living in the Rubbermaid in the courtyard garden. Some new-to-me kind of amphibian is singing in the woods and making a remarkable noise. Hummingbirds part our hair when we walk or sit outside. I think the sugar makes them edgy.

Ellie and I saw the bear again, at nine in the morning, walking across the driveway. I wanted to jump onto a chair and gather my skirts and shriek, but something told me this was the 'appropriate' reaction to a different animal. I am told that one of my friends kept her birdseed in a can on a screened-in porch, and a bear came and stuck its arms through the walls on one corner and tried to drag the birdseed out. Being Ann, she hit it with a broom and it ran off, accurately perceiving itself as outclassed.

I hope to see some of you at the Mass. Sheep and Wool festival on Sunday. The weather forecast is better than the one we had for NH. Tomorrow Doug and I are taking the Fiber Studio's flax workshop and then heading for MamaCate's. I am only going for the social, as I have not finished spinning anything I bought last week (two weeks).

And we are taking the smaller of our two cars. So we can't buy much.


Well, maybe a little.


Velma said...

I was a Jet girl in the community theatre production of WSS waaaay back in my high school days. Velma, with the worst line of the whole play. But I got to wear red lipstick and nail polish, which Mom would never have allowed IRL.

Laurie said...

I got to sit next to you!

Mr. E and I enjoyed reading your post of the backyard goings-on. Evocative, lots of good word pictures, and full of life.

There's nothing to buy there at Cummington. Nope, nothing. We made sure of that.

Diana said...

It must be nice to wake up each morning and see so much wildlife.

Diane E. said...

Mass. M&W was a great day, met up with some other bloggers, guess we missed each other. I was really looking forward the NHS&W but coming from CT it would have been a wash, Haha. We have 6 eggs incubating now, day 8. After candling them, so far so good. We have three species of tree frogs and I can't wait til their season is over.As soon as one varity pipes down , another starts up, have to close all the windows and doors just to hear someone on the phone.!

Diane E. said...

Me again. Forgot to ask how the flax workshop went. I went tempted to sign up.