Thursday, October 26, 2006

Winter's coming on

The leaves that remain, mostly oaks, are becoming less brilliant every day. It is getting seriously cold. I have about 30 lbs of bulbs in my front room. I may have waited too long.

Asterix has suggested that he would be feeling EVEN better if I were to buy a small container of heavy cream and give him some of that instead of milk. Since he does not projectile v. from cream. He's doing fine, bless him. For however long.

Two eggs appeared in the henhouse yesterday, the first. Chickens hatched in mid April. Doug still thinks Cordelia is a hen and thinks they are hers. I notice changes in Buffy's and Joyce's combs and think some serious hormones are happening there. Whatever. I would be grateful if Doug would not refer to the eggs as 'our first lay.'

The saddest remark about my character is that for devious reasons I undertook to make a massive database of SCRAP volunteers and I am finding playing with Access on my own time really, really interesting.


Norma said...

LOL, "our first lay." Yeah. Love it.

hmmmm, interesting about Asterix. I'd say that indicates that the problem is either lactose or milk protein, since neither are present in much quantity in the cream. You think?

I've recently been given to understand (in the raw food literature I've got for Vincent) that cats MUST HAVE fish body oil in their food. You might want to get a supplement of that and see how he does on that.

Laurie said...

That Doug. That got a snort from this part of the woods.