Sunday, January 28, 2007

Knittings and purchases

As the last light of the weekend faded, I rushed out to take pictures.

Here is the rather large bootie and the shelf-fungus colored false entrelac scarf:
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And here is the sweater, which is going more slowly now that the Only Beloved Daughter is not driving me around:
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The wool/ angora/ nylon yarn is making a warm slubby soft fabric.

I behaved very, very badly at the SCA Birka Market.

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Replica Terra Sigillata cup like what I used to dig up in England and jug (lined with a slip of beeswax, smells wonderful), small black Belgic-style cup, one wooden spindle (severly underpriced, how could I leave it?, one spindle with detachable ceramic whorl like what I used to dig up in England, tiny (18" skein) niddy noddy, tiny cards for a tiny inkle loom (not shown)(I need to make heddles), a 1st c bc ceramic British spindle whorl somebody dug up, a holly-wood lucet, and a bodice dagger. My friend looked at my cleavage and remarked that I needed a bodice dagger as they always make her laugh. I was delighted to find this one, clean out of SCA period (at least in Europe), but perfect for me.

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then we went to the SCRAP party, where I took atrocious pictures and had a delightful time.


Cathy said...

Serious SCA market envy here. Glad you misbehaved and shared your delights. Ohhhh...a bodice dagger.

Wendy said...

I have heard that the Birka market is great. To bad I live on the far side of AEthelmearc. Any chance you go to Pennsic?