Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well, it's still raining

And I suppose I can't protest much, but I will if it rains all week and all weekend, too. The leaves up north were lovely, and they aren't bad down here, but it's the kind of gloomy weather that makes you not care, even if you can see the leaves. I did, however, get the Octoberfest blog entry up, once the State remembered to bring the chip into work. I hope to get a better link but the generic site one will have to do.

Sarah and I met and knit for an hour after work since I am having social withdrawal after all the people last weekend. I know, if I were sensible I would go to Rhinebeck, but the house might fall down and I would be really, really broke, and even more overstashed than I already am.

My cat thinks it's time for me to go to bed and he is probably right.


Melissa said...

the house will not fall down.
money isn't everything.
you can never have too much yarn. or roving. or drop spindles, spinning wheels, knitting needles, patterns....

Carter said...

Obviously, "knit" is a proper past tense for "knit," but if you paid attention to that article you sent me the other day, you already know that using that instead of "knitted" is going out of style at breakneck speed. Even we grammar-fascists must at times bow to the will of the rabble.

LauraJ said...

I am still alive and 'knitted'is an adjective referring usually to a garment. Fight the Power.