Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yarn Harlot, pray for us

Though I had no speaking engagement (in fact the knowledge that it was Friday and this week's graduation is not till Sunday), this flying gig is not for the faint-hearted. I was supposed to leave Manchester at 3:30. I had thought it was 5:30, and planned a quick trip for some sock yarn (could not find my current unfinished project. Maybe it is time to Do Something about the condition of my house). Instead, left work either a half hour early (I usually leave at 2 ish) or half an hour late (I stayed to finish one of Boss's egregious demands that I should do work now and again) and rocketted off following the signs to the airport. This meant, as usual, a turn into unmarked suburbs and a harried U-turn with map, etc. Found airport, eventually found Lot D and walked to terminal. Checked in.

Plane delayed till at least 4:30. Then six. They decided to get rid of us after the plane, stuck in Philly, was scheduled to arrive around nine. Sent us to La Guardia, where I was one of four passengers and a very thoughtful air hostess. We arrived in NY around five. Connection scheduled for five, next connection at six. The six was delayed until at least 8. Decided to check status of alleged 5, now delayed until six. Then seven. Then eight. Around ten of eight, they got us onto a working airplane, and I reached Baltimore at 10:30, where my ex (who drove down from Boston) met me and took us to to the hotel, which had beds. So far, so good.

Manchester has free wireless. La Guardia claims it does, but they wouldn't actually work, though the $7.95 for 24 hrs. worked fine. I did not indulge. I ate an allegedly 'Healthy Vegetable' burrito, containing very tasty fried potatoes, iceberg lettuce, sour cream, and one of the hottest peppers I have ever eaten in public. Succeeded in getting my not-an-iPod to play me Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. It is a sad pity he is married. Embroidered a tiny project that was intended to alleviate boredom from knitting sock or reading book (no book, either). The only good thing was that I did have food and chocolate and not too much to carry. I had to check my bag because of The Quilt, which might have fit the middle-sized bag hoarded by my daughter, but was certainly not going to fit in little bag. Big bag is huge and will be going home with ex.

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scullerymaid said...

I dread flying these days. Not for the actual flight, but all the attendant hassles. bleargh.

And, it's definitely not as good as being married to him would be, but do you read Neil's blog? Pix and stories, makes you feel like a close personal friend at least.