Thursday, June 05, 2008

Emo kid

I am not feeling that life is full of mystery and wonder. I am feeling that whatever I do the reply is "That's interesting, but not really what we want." This is not tending to make me more optimistic or "passionate" (the human services buzzword of the year).

Specifically, today: Dick says he has received flak because "some of my comments, people think reflects badly on SCRAP as a whole." He then cited some remark I am supposed to have made about someone never emptying their own bucket, which I don't remember saying. I have really tried to be upbeat and cheery and honest.
I already do as much self-censorship and reaching out to people who don't know what archaeology is about as I can and it is boring me. So I am quitting blogging on New Hampshire Underground.

At least it rained, even if not very much, yesterday. The colorful birds continue to show up.


Anonymous said...

[headdesk] When the opportunity arises, you might mention that your SCRAP blog was a major factor in at least one convert to the CRM field (me), and I think many more people learned a whole lot about archaeology and why it's important because of your blog. Fragile egos are soooo annoying.

Catsinger aka Lucy said...

OH NO - how am I going to keep up with SCRAP? I treasure the glimpses through your erudite comments. Your observations and humor take me back and you are a delightful link to the glorious days of yore, when retirement was new and unstructured. THANK YOU -
Lucy living in the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas