Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raining, if not pouring

Apparently this is what's left of Tropical Storm Kyle. It could be worse; my drivway doesn't appear even to have washed out, which I though was its kneejerk response to a flood warning. I am okay with this.

Meanwhile, I no longer have to be subtle about my looking for another job, because my non-profit is seriously out of money (not a surprise) and I am getting laid off on Tuesday (or is it Wednesday? Tuesday is the last day for which I am being paid). I have feelings and even thoughts about this but I gather it is unprofessional to say much; if you desperately need details, ask off-blog.

On the one hand this doesn't help my partly realistic feelings of unsuitability and uselessness as an over-50 year old woman who owns no suits (and really doesn't want to. If Coldwater Creek separates are not dressy enough, I probably have too many other attitude problems for you to be happy with my working for you). On the other, I needed a different job for a host of reasons, not least the cost of fuel.

I am not panicking, and I can't tell if this is a good response or not. Saves energy, and remains an option for the future.

It is harder to get an electrician in the greater Concord area than you might think, but the kitchen is slowly coming along.

The trees are starting to turn -- well, they started in mid-August, but it's becoming more socially acceptable even outside the swamp maple communities. When there is sunshine it's amazingly beautiful, and kind of neat even floating in the fog. I have not yet closed all the windows, though it's getting almost frosty some nights.

Toby (now a 2 yr old orange cat) is getting along better with my daughter, who is doing remote prep for possible future parenthood by becoming better at going back to sleep and ignoring cat-dashing after midnight. He is, if anything, more obviously over-alert now that he's an entirely indoor cat -- he is only happy in her bedroom or hiding behind the furnace in the utility closet. He is bored but we can't help thinking that's probably better than terrified, as anyone would be if Willow (who has now been here almost a year) kept trying to beat one up. Marten, who is about twice Willow's size and a quarter of her fierceness, can take it but, I think he is tired of her.

And the second morning after my services will no longer be recompensed I will be showing up at lab at 8am. to go dig for the last gasp of summer, an invitation-only Octoberfest in Randolph. After that I will get more worried, if I can be sure that will be more productive.


Laurie said...

Scary, when you think the job sucks, and suddenly it disappears out from under you and you realize that the salary counted for something.

Carter said...

From here in Boston,we're pulling for you and wishing you a good time at the fest.