Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's cold

Before I forget: go to and type "sweaterxxs" into the password bar. You can find the other passwords here.

It is seriously below freezing, several days running. I think it might have waited another week or so, but I like the bright light and the chickadees and goldfinches are great. Just keep the windows and doors closed. This would be easier if Marten had less faith in me; he seems newly horrified every time he persuades me to let him out (the cat door as such is a casualty of the kitchen renovation, which is not done, no).

On the plus side of my life I have had to count not being one of my friends: her daughter is recovering rather slowly form a bout of chronic fatigue, during which her son nearly lost an arm in a metal lathe, after which he came down with pericarditis, and is now on leave from college trying not to get sick again. My friend is having a lumpectomy on Dec. 3. I believe her husband is still healthy. I am making her a brightly colored neck warmer.

This is the second in a series so far, and I continue to worry about early onset-dementia. Even when chirality is not an issue (I have spared you the details of starting Arwen. She is not going very quickly; I needed to get a yarn with no halo, and then there was unpleasant day I spent realizing that I was reading the chart wrong several different ways. But I read English left-to-right, left-to-right, and it seems to be a harder habit to break than I would have hoped) I can't count above two very reliably. So about the fifth start I marked the daylights out of it and I think it's working all right. I am happy I am sticking with it and I hope it isn't itchy.

Every time I hear about how bad the economy is I wonder, I am amazed... these were not verbs that had to have an object, one does not have to wonder _about_ anything or be amazed _at_. In fact a-maze-d seems to imply one's wits are disordered and one is staring gently into space drooling. About right.

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Laurie said...

-Coraline: unbelievable
-newly horrifed: so funny!
-charts: me too, good thing some are palindromes
-thought it was early for winter, also.