Tuesday, December 09, 2008

migration of the community organizers

Saturday we were to take Rob (clean air) to the bus station and then Bryn (toxic awareness) and I would be free to go to Goodwill. This meant that in the morning we waited for Rob to finish packing, so Bryn finished knitting her rabbit (the one to which there is a link somewhere on this page) and then we all went into Concord. We put Bryn's luggage and some extra bits and pieces from my house into her very nice new home/apartment, high above Concord Main Street (not so new -- the building was a steel building and part of the Chicago Exposition in 1893 and came to Concord by train. What is really neat is that the bay windows in her apartment were not leaking cold air), and Rob went to finish things at the office.

Looking for recyclable sweaters for Sarah's latest venture (to which I will post the link as soon as she says I may; she is doing reclaimed all-natural fiber yarn and little interesting natural-fiber cloth packs for crafters) has given me a new appreciation for thrift stores. They stimulate the hunting and gathering instincts. Bryn doesn't need quite everything, and she will only be in Concord for a couple of years, so no pianos. We went to Goodwill and the Salvation Army and found her some RevereWare and measuring spoons and my favorite, a mint-condition stainless steel dish rack for a dollar. Not exciting, but useful, and SUCH a DEAL. I do love helping other people spend money.

Then we raced and got Rob to the bus station, and headed for the supermarket. Which involved making sure Bryn could find the local source of sushi, and then I took her and her groceries home and went home myself, and I finished my first Noro striped scarf (as seen recently on on the Yarn Harlot(and several posts following, and earlier, everywhere else, and now Sarah is also making them but she stopped after only three). It was strange-looking, but I was fond enough of it to cast on another. And yes, I have looked for enough other Noro around the house (and well, around town...) that I may have a few more in my future. Such as the one made out of Rowan Tapestry (170 Country and 178 Whirlpool, I think). If I am spared and can work a pair of socks for my father in, I may offer people a choice; is making striped scarves just for the colorplay and then inflicting them on others selfish?

Friday evening I had made a pineapple upside down cake in honor of Doug's birthday; Saturday morning I made unnecessary but tasty cream cheese/coconut frosting (so as to get the coconut into the pineapple coconut set). Then I took Bryn for a few more items at Target and went to Doug and Sarah C's. Deb D and I surprised him by providing birthday cake (a day or so late) and Doug and Sarah provided us with a warm, dry knitting venue. Unfortunately it is December and the lack of light made it harder to stay awake, despite the companionship (which did include a new woodstove... I blame the warmth).

Then it snowed fairly convincingly for an inch or so. Monday morning when I awoke my thermometer read 3 degrees Fahrenheit, brilliantly sunny. Since Sarah D is starting a new job next week, she has this week free and had asked if I might accompany her to WEBS in Northampton, MA. I could not let her to go to such a den of iniquity by herself, particularly as she had not been there before....

More scarves, maybe some socks? If the yarn is for specific projects for specific people it has no calories, right?

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