Sunday, November 22, 2009

four teacups

tea mugThis one, my daughter turned up. It is very practical, as she and I differ in our estimation of the proper amount of milk for a satisfying cuppa. Sadly, the price is breathtaking.

tea mugThis one is very pretty, though it enshrines a low standard of tea prep (loose tea would look less attractive and also less iconic).

commuter mugThere is also this one, which is 16 oz but is melamine and not microwave-safe, a deal-breaker.

commuter mugAnd this one: which seems to be almost the same as this one, except the latter is cheaper and comes with a latex sleeve, albeit one with a coffee bean on it. I could cope with that, and possibly turn the sleeve inside out. It is available at its higher cost at the MFA gift shop in Boston. I wish they made a larger size.

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