Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back to winter

I had a fine time at Gault. Really. I got a new trowel, trowel in the sense that an AK-47 is a handgun. The Lesche Digging Tool , variously referred to as 'Clark's murder weapon,' 'the Trowel of Mass Destruction,' 'the Silver Dagger,' is very good at clay. Liz and I both
went home Tuesday night and ordered one (through the very-slow-but-way-better-than- nothing MiFi of Rich; since it was slower the more people on it, I mostly stayed off). This did not mean my arms didn't feel like they might fall off, and since I returned home, there has been doubt about my knee.

But now that my car starts I am in much better spirits.

Some things I learned:
1. Do not quit your aspirin/ibuprofen regimen just because you quit digging.
2. Do not drink more than 2 bottles of Midas Touch even if it tastes harmless (and, BTW, much better chilled. I think they have cut down on the saffron, a mistake).
3. Tea is probably more important than beer, but sometimes scotch would be better than either.
4. It is not summer in Texas, not even a New England summer, in February. Or really March, either.
5. So ALWAYS heed your housemate when says to take your thermals. I was very glad I did.
6. Also probably to the little voice that warns you not to try t bend the earpiece on your glasses. Fortunately, Dick had duct tape available while we waited for our ride from the airport.

Things to do this week: Blog or otherwise write up my trip.
Pay my taxes.
Get new glasses.

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