Saturday, April 03, 2010

Today's fiber is by Manic Panic

PhotobucketMy hair is blue again. It was in honor of Conbust, where I also forgot to wear my Coraline shoes. It was MUCH bluer than last time, probably because I left it on too long, and has only now calmed down to a sedate, lifelike blue that doesn't make me look too pale. About the time I dyed it I read a remembrance of Andy Hallett, who was green on _Angel_, that recalled him standing in a parking lot in full makeup asking people if they had 'a problem with visible minorities.'

This stuck in my mind. I am still definitely an older chunky white woman, but the blue hair sends a signal. It made the body language of people in the Conbust parking lot just visibly relax ('she's not someone's mother causing trouble, she's going to the con,' I assume). Teenagers hanging out in front of the Twilight display at Borders, a Gothy proprietor at the local sex toy emporium, some perfectly normal-looking women my age, and a bunch of elementary school students all wanted to say they loved my hair. I was really touched by the elementary school students (one of whom asked if it was my real color). They were so short, and so polite.

Maybe blue hair is liking having a puppy; anyone can talk to you about it. I like it. It's good to show some of the weird on the outside and this only threatens a few people. Who were already right to be frightened of me. I'm still not nicer.


Alice said...

Nice hair :)

My experience with such hair in high school was that it (and the weird clothes, excessive makeup and so on) were ways of signalling to the other weird people that you were one of their kindred. It caused the other weird people to come talk to you and made it possible to blend in at rocky horror shows.

This was less true at college, mostly because something like 80% of Reedies had died their hair at one point or another. But my green hair in college definitely worked that way,

Laurie said...

Like it. I think it IS a signaling mechanism.