Monday, October 24, 2011

Yes well

Okay, I am going to get back into it.  Life has been busy, in some sense of the word. After Gault, there was field school. After Field School, there was a minor site called Mercier, mostly notable for my getting a new camera: I am pretty sure it is this one.

 Still don't have A Job. Health is good.  I think I am going to have a root canal soon, or certainly a crown. Not ready for winter.

Number of cats, stable at four: Marten, Willow, Mal, and Wash. Kittens are now about a year old and bigger; tall, but skinny. Marten nad Willow still hate each other, but WIllow is less unhappy and sometimes looks relaxed.

House: Messier than you want to know about.

Doug and Barb: still very happy.

I am on Instagram as @Rhyolight. Instagram , a free photo sharing app, is fun. It is an app but you can use it on your computer. I subscribe to a weird writer named Warren Ellie, Sublime Stitchery, a feral embroiderer named Katie Kutthroat, a Whedonverse actress and fan named Felicia Day, and my son, among others.

I love my iPod Touch.

And most of you, although I hope I don't exploit you as much as the iPod.

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