Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's (after) Christmas and I don't know where I am.

This isn't quite true.

For Christmas I made, starting in about October (when I found the Catkin Quilt fabric and I decided to make it for my ex, who is fond of cats and bright colors): a quilt (it strongly resembles the one in the model, but has interesting fudged things and an extra border)

; two pairs of fingerless mitts; two Bandana Cowls (which are splendid); a false entrelac scarf for Doug; several tiny elephants, dispersed among the nations, about forty imperfect classical beaded earrings, waiting for perfection; a bracelet for Lisa; several pairs of simple earrings showing how much work I have before I become better at making decent wired loops; six batches of biscotti, two batches of fruitcake, one of World Peace cookies, and probably some other stuff I forgot. What you can do when you have No Job and are lazy.

My right hand is not entirely happy about all this.

I owe many thanks to Sarah, who asked if I needed her to hold a gun to my head to finish the quilt (I did, it didn't take that much but I was stuck); Donna, Chris, and Sue the Bead-It! goddesses; the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast; and as always, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And now, feeling directionless, I have begun making some of the Catkin leftovers into a quilt for Barb and Doug, which will undoubtedly eat up a lot of non-scrap cloth, too, because its accessory fabrics are so pretty with the main pieces, and hard to match otherwise. Doug has thoughtfully sawn the legs of the sewing machine table lower, and made pieces of plastic pipe to raise a cutting table to the height of the ironing board, which makes a terrible cutting table but was better than anything lower. The cutting table, like the ironing board, folds away, but the loom room is hard to navigate these days.

It's snowing. The only significant snow we have had this winter was in the autumn (yeah), and it lasted only a day or so. It has been cold enough to be hard on all the beings who could use snow for insulation, to say nothing of the tourism.

Meanwhile yesterday I spent reading Sepulchre, which held the attention and did not degrade my morals, even though it took place near Rennes-le-Chateau and usually anything with the word Templar in it makes me wild (not in a good way). The HolyBloodHolyGrail content was minimal, however.

So this coming year I am going to try the 365-pictures thing, which I will put a link to as soon as I get going.  And I'll try to blog more, because it's a useful way to see what I am doing and what I think of it. Mostly right now I am thinking about my digestion, which is not happy with anything.


Alice said...

The quilt is lovely. I have determined that the only way to keep a sewing room clean is to share it with nine other people and their friends. Also a one-eyed cat named Puck. I can't truly recommend this for general use, but it does allow for the ownership of multiple sergers and an industrial strength machine that sews leather beautifully.

I look forward to seeing the 365 pictures!

17th stitch said...

Hooray! I like the bit about you blogging more, and the quilt looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Why is that dude dressed like a chick?