Saturday, June 25, 2005

here it comes again

93 and humid, today. I am not sulking yet.

On Monday we go lay out the grid. That's a NH Underground remark, yet it must be expected that 6 weeks of field school will cut into my fiber duties even more than complaining about the weather and avoiding the garden. So I may not be around much here; try there, as I seek the Early Archaic projectile point and the Woodland ceramic.

If you knit one sock on 3's and the next on 2's the second sock WILL be smaller. I tell myself I love making socks, even out of ungrateful cotton/tencel. I want to crochet silly lacy cuffs. I can pull out ALL of one rather ankle-high sock. Piece of cake.

So I started the Barbara Walker Learn to Knit Afghan (Schoolhouse Press). I admit I am saving Square 2 (Stockinette) for when I need mindless knitting, but Square 1 (Garter) was relatively restful. Now I am making Square 3 (Basketweave). All out of Cascade, because I had a sweater I was going to make out of murky greens and grays and RED Cascade, and it turned out to be nearly the same exact colors and and design as one I started two (yeah, all right, five) years earlier in Manos, who thoughtlessly stopped making the murky purple colorway I was using (instead of red, in this murky greens colorway). I tried dyeing a murky purple once and got gloriously cheerful PINK, but either I will find a suitable near purple of I will just decide to use something close enough. I would enjoy having that sweater sometime, if it ever gets cold enough.

Anyway, I have a lot of Cascade.

I hope it is not terribly terribly hot for the length of the field school.

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Anonymous said...

The key to murky purple, in my opinion, is to sort of go for off-gray with a purplish tint. You pretty much have to use black dye along with the purple if you want appropriate murkiness. I did this rather sucessfully with RIT dye and a pair of pants, so it'll at least work on cotton.