Friday, September 16, 2005

Rain damp!! Yay!

The puddle is full. The flowerbed near the entrance to the apartment (which was once the garage, the flowerbed is handy to the driveway)is now Weeded With Extreme Prejudice :landscape plastic does not let water through, despite the little holes. Even if it's, conservative guess, 15 years old. It created a nasty mess and pulling it up was not much fun, although I have become clever at pulling long rhizomes of that kind of crab grass lengthwise, like electric wire, through the soil. Having weeded, which involved a mattock, a rake, and a shovel (glacial cobbles. I can't blame the plastic mulch for that), I was able to plant a bunch of very cheap sad little perennials that had spent all summer at the garden center being unloved, and Thalia Daffodils and Apricot Beauty Tulips. There is a large, shy frog living under the deck-walkway to the apartment door; I have about decided the small shy frogs are pickerel frogs, but this one has escaped my ID. Definitely elegantly blotched, though.

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Here is one of the local woodfrogs, who are slightly calmer.


Anonymous said...

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Caroline said...

Hey, what kind of bird is medium sized (bigger than a finch, smaller than a robin) with a very long, very skinny, pointy beak? I had one of those at my feeder this week, and would really like to know what it was... funny lookin' thing!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet frog - it has a wonderfully grave and wise look on its little face.

I do like your frog photos.
Frogs are like ducks - they delight us with their mere visual presence.


Helen said...

You have the coolest creatures around your house!