Friday, February 17, 2006

Apparent progress

I will not discuss how many times I redid the neck-edges of the pink sweater. I am SO hoping the answer will equal "Enough" because, you know, you get tired of it.

Besides, it probably isn't all that well done. But the gap for my head is centered and big enough (between years of therapy and pink-sweater-enforced humility you wouldn't think it would need to be so big, would you?)and on top, so I am happy.

As it happens, the part of the sweater previously referred to as 'the front,' living proof that I was on some kind of drugs three years ago when I made it, demonstrably unable to count successfully and repeatedly to five--I am not happy either about some of the cable weirdnesses, even if I accept my chirality difficulties -- the side with the well-darned hole -- will now be known as 'the back.' I think this is a nice by-product. People can stare at my back as much as they like.

So maybe I will get around to the sleeves before the Olympic flame is extinguished. Google has been putting out some very pretty graphics on its homepage masthead; I particularly like the luge on a day or so ago.

My TV reception is what it is, so I have been watching Buffy first season DVDs while I knit. Nine years ago, no one had a cell phone and the Internet was different... I wonder if anyone will believe it in 20 years.

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