Sunday, April 23, 2006

But choice

It was a very small party, but none the less pleasant for that. I think this may be the worst possible time of year to have a party, except possibly the week before Christmas (although then you get the seriously stressed-out coming to unwind. Well, you might.)

I think February might be a better time if you aren't going to be outside dipping yarn in the dyepots and gloriously fit, tanned bodies in the hot tub (I am sure I know some people with bodies like that. Or you can wait till dark.)--

but most years in February there's a problem with finding the driveway and getting the huskies down to bring up the guests and their stash and spinning wheels from the base camp.

It has now rained, and that is good, and it may rain more, which would still be good, but it was 35 last night just after dark and I don't know whether the salamanders were able to party or not. (For the record, it was over 80 on Friday afternoon. I know New Hampshire has bipolar weather but it's confusing.)

The house is noticeably tidier. The Loom Room, if you were keeping score-- not done yet, in that Paul the contractor and a professional gas person connected the fake-woodstove and every time they lit it, it was great, and then they closed the front of the stove and the flame went out. Every time. Still a few bugs in the system... but I do give Paul credit for REALLY TRYING to get it hooked up in time for the party. It will stay tidy much longer if it's unheated. If I can still conceal the stash in boxes behind the sofa I must not have too much, right?


I did spin yesterday for the first time in a while, and it had been too long. Because really, I should have realized that the reason the plying (not many yards) was so very odd was that I was plying clockwise just like I had been overspinning the singles. After I sorted that out I did much better.

Today we hope to sort out the chick-nursery, as they may arrive at any moment. They left Iowa yesterday.


Norma said...

I'm thrilled we're getting rain today, too. I partied yesterday with a pickup truckload of compost. It was a very fine party, indeed. We were last-minute UNinvited to the college. Well, not really -- it's just that our hope was to go to a matinee and it turns out that there WAS no matinee. We did not want to stay at an overpriced dive hotel AND spend $80 in gas for NOT our own daughter's play. Much better to be shoveling - ahem - compost. :D

I hope you really did have a nice party, even if it were small. I'll see you in a few weeks, eh?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a nice party. What were you plying?
The weather here in Atlanta is a beautiful 78 and I am about to take my wheel outside and spin for a bit.