Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Last warning

I am having a fiber party here this Saturday. Come after 10 a.m. and stay for a while. The mosquitoes have not yet arrived, but there may be frogs; there will be birds, trees, daffodils, a couple of cats, and roving. There will be food -- I am thinking salady things and a spiral-sliced ham and bread and cheese and chips and something sticky. We intend to have an indigo pot and some other dyeing going on, and if the weather is nice it will take place on the porch near the Hot Tub. Which works, and people may use it.

If the weather is not nice we'll stay inside, with fireplace.

Email me for directions (lauraejATTtdsDOTnet) we're about 25 minutes off of 93 just south of Concord, NH.

Although I have mentioned this party earlier, I have not made enough effort to get RSVPs, so I have no real idea if anyone is coming, which is partly my own fault. I always like the idea of a party, and I usually enjoy them in the reality, but there's something that happens in the middle that leaves me feeling like the sky has fallen. Into the living areas of my house, except the sky is not usually so obviously full of messy things (meteoric junk mail and laundry would explain a lot, though).

But inside or out we have plenty of places to sit and spin or knit.

In other news, the bear was around last night while I was still up. It is very well camouflaged for darkness and I was mostly aware that something larger than a chickadee was checking out the window-feeder (curiously, already empty). I am all for wilderness, but it shouldn't bigger than say, a large raccoon. I would probably be equally surprised to see the (even larger) moose that I know wanders around here, but moose are not omnivores and on the whole, I hope the bear leaves here disappointed. Or just leaves here. I swear it was trying the doorknobs.


Sara said...

"something larger than a chickadee"?? (heh)

Sorry I can't make the party. I need to learn tele-porting.

PJ said...

I wish I could come to your party, but that is a diagonal trip across the US....your place sounds great! I can't wait to see pictures of the party- have fun!