Monday, June 12, 2006

It wasn't raining

It was kind of strange yesterday; water was NOT coming out of the sky. Doug cut the lawn and built a raised-bed frame, and I ransacked the triangle flower bed, tearing out a lot of weeds I should have done more on the first time, edging it, and adding more petunias and mulch. I hope it all grows. This is the Hummingbird Garden from Audubon Nurseries, plus some other bits and pieces. I moved a very miserable azalea out of the swamp in the backyard, and a hosta from the chicken area, and it looks smashing. It took all day.

We have three newts and three frogs in the pond, but the tadpoles vanished very suddenly over the weekend I was in Northampton (the most recent one, last weekend that was. They were huge but legless when I left. It seems hard to believe they transformed so fast, and there are no signs of hundreds of baby frogs; but there are no bodies, either. Very weird.

In the meantime, before I get the pictures up, here is a fine cat story. Not sentimental.


bjwill said...

Hi, Laura. I'm not a fiber person but I do love books and blogging. I wonder if you read mysteries and if you've ever read Susan Wittig Albert's books. She writes a blog and knits quite a bit.

I've enjoyed reading your blog which I found when I clicked on Red Mars in the Favorite Books section of my profile. I especially enjoy the pics of your cat. Good luck with your frogs!
bj in Cali

Laurie said...

Fearsome cat, that.

Garden work always expands beyond the time allotted. Can't figure that one out.