Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Not much, you?

Once in a great while, I like the weather. The rest of the time I complain about the heat or the humidity. Just insert whines at random.

Last night a scarlet tanager flew through the yard; I am hoping it has a wife and they linger. It is one the first birds I can remember seeing (I think I was about six), and I do like bright red birds. One of my best birding days ever was in the Fossil Rim Wildlife park and seeing two red life birds in one day, summer tanager and a vermilion flycatcher. I must go back there sometime.

But in just under two weeks I will go to lovely Colebrook, NH, and dig, and that will be good. The database fairy is supposed to come to my job and give us a new, logical Access database, constructed by someone who understands them. And we are probably getting a new copy machine which will do both sides without my having to take the copy-on-one-side and put it (the right way up) in the paper hopper, saving hours of tedious labor, which I will spend filling up the new database. Since we keep spend a LOT of money on "Address Service," which means the Post Office lets us know when an address is dead, and then I take the name out of the list, the database is getting smaller every week.

Digging square holes will be a change for the better, believe me.

We had a family trip to lovely Northampton! to celebrate the daughteral birthday and take my aunt from Dallas around. It rained, because it rains in Northampton and Amherst. I took my parents to the garden center (they bought a daylily)and behaved badly myself(30% off peonies, I mean who wouldn't?). I went home Saturday night and the relatives appeared here on Sunday. Fortunately, it didn't rain till Sunday evening, so we had a gracious cup of tea and then I got a lot of things planted.

We are replete with young greenfrogs. The three newts of the puddle showed themselves all at once. I am someday going to finish my Meilenweit socks. That's about it.


Jack said...

Just passing through...

I like peonies too...and the name of your blog.

I saw two goldfinches last Sunday in a wetland near my house. They were really yellow. They always surprise me a little when I spot them. So pretty.

Helen said...

Have you been to Andrew's greenhouse in Amherst? They have lots of perennials.

How about coming down for lunch one day next week?

Beth S. said...

Thanks to those links, I finally understand what 'passeriform' refers to. See, you learn something every day.

JoVE said...

Sounds grand. Peonies at 30% of are a perfectlly reasonable thing to buy, IMO. And scarlet tanagers are beautiful. We even get them around here sometimes. I'm mulling over a road trip to Cate's. Do you fancy having me drop in on my way (or back)?.

Norma said...

Ohhh, I have never seen a scarlet tanager! You are lucky, and I hope your wish that he has a wife, and will stick around, comes true.

I'm making myself stay away from greenhouses and nurseries, although I will admit a stop at the Gardener's Supply Outlet today. It disappointed me in that it is just a retail store, with retail prices on all the decent stuff, with just a few things on sale. What ever happened to the REAL (old) definition of an outlet store, eh? I did buy some perennial and calendula seeds at 75% off. But really, they should be giving those away for FREE at this time of year. But I paid full price for two pairs of long gauntlet gloves intended for pulling on prickly things. The price nearly knocked me over. I left a little peeved, if you must know. :)