Monday, September 11, 2006

A couple of updates

The wine I bottled last month has improved a great deal. It's still isn't exactly amazing, but it's drinkable and I won't have to make 5 gallons of mulled wine or learn to culture vinegar.

In the Goldfinch section (see title of blog), we seem to have said farewell to the humminbirds for the year. None has been seen since Labor Day, the same time as they left last year. They were a week early this spring, and they seem to have been successful in raising young, as there were a lot more hummingbirds fighting in late August than there had been in mid-July. The downy woodpeckers, the goldfinches, and the various sparrows seem to have done all right, too.

As to the Fiber, I am knitting a little, occasionally. It may have been the weather (oppressively humid at times) or I may just not be as obsessive as I should be if I am ever to finish anything. Unfortunately I don't think any of my relatives would rather have a bottle of home-brewed whatever than a pair of socks. I was able to present my ex with a home-grown canteloupe


Diana said...

Today I saw a hummingbird at our Obedient plants. The finches are fattening up and eating tons of niger seed. We have quite a few pairs of doves and cardinals. They're still all hanging out. I was surprised by the hummingbird this morning.

Laurie said...

No hummers here either.

It is knitting weather. You will find it in your genetics to obey this migratory urge. It's just a question of how far into the fall (ant vs grasshopper).