Friday, September 01, 2006

I haven't posted lately (well, you know that). I am not depressed, I don't think, but it almost feels like that. It could be the change in the seasons; though it's three weeks before the calendar says Autumn, it's been noticeably cooler and now it's also dark by 6ish pm.

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The frogs are doing fine in their puddle.

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Buffy, like the rst of the chickens, is all grown up (and pictures of them will follow). Spike is definitely a rooster, as are Faith and Cordelia, but only Spike is crowing, which he does in classic style.

I sit and have tea in the garden and the chickens come and beg for sunflower-seed handouts. This evening there was a fine atmospheric effect:
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Work is moderately dull, which means I am only getting slightly behind. The other day I went to my boss. "You know how you proofed that e-mail where I said the meeting was September 21, and you said it was October, and would rewrite it?"
"Yes," he said.
"Well, it wasn't October 21, either. It's October 19th. I'll send another one."
So I did, and went down the hall to ask the other woman in the other office if you need more than two people for something to be a cluster f*ck. We both rather thought it did.

So then the treasurer of the Bible Society came in and signed the checks and zoomed out again, and it wasn't until the treasurer for the Council of Churches (remember, they share office and staff (Me and boss) between them) came that we found the Bible Society treasurer had in fact signed the Council of Church's checks.

Other than things like that, I make database and write letters. Could be worse.


Norma said...

LOL, I'd love your job. Well, maybe not. And are you allowed to say words like cluster f*ck in the House of the L*rd?

And on another bizarre topic. a) what the cluster f*ck you gonna do with all those roosters? Have c*ck fights? or are two of them going to end up in the stew pot? You have to do something, or the poor remaining chicken will be beat up and have no peace whatSOever. b) isn't it the cutest thing ever when they first learn they can crow? Like boys' whose voices are changing.

Diana said...

I think your home life, living in the country with roosters and such, helps to balance your (crappy) work life. LOL. The pictures are beautiful!

Laurie said...

Why is norma being so nice with her asterisks? Not like norma at all.

Work sounds pretty annoying. Correcting other people's mistakes: bleah.