Saturday, June 02, 2007


The weather is sticky. It may thunder soon, in which case Doug will have to rescue his freshly washed (NH S&W) fleece and I will have to rescue the alpaca drying on the reflector-ovenlike warmth of the hot tub lid. Meanwhile, God (Bacchus, Ceres) willing, I have one red zinfandel kit and one Breakfast Stout (low in alcohol, but probably not compared to, say, orange juice) kit making billions of yeast cells very happy.

The kitchen floor is sticky, strangely. The part where they say "Remove cap from bag of grape juice concentrate _carefully_ (my emphasis)..." well, I was careful, and it erupted anyhow. And there's the dribble of roasted barley and oatmeal tea. Anyhow.

If things go all right I will make the kit with the expensive varietal grape juice from Italy next month. If they don't, I'll get a new sachet of yeast before I try it.

My feet are also sticky.


Laurie said...

An enviable situation, to be sure.

Wendy said...

Did you get a thunderstorm, and did the fleeces get dry?
The weatehr broke in Buffalo just after we took a cruise on the Erie Canal. It was much cool on the water.