Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not pretty at all.

Unlike these sheep (enjoy caption).

Do I mean the really, I think TEN inches on top of the four-6 of crunchy, unyielding older snow, the ten inches (of which we got about six or seven got between about 1:30 and 6:30 this morning -- it must have been something) now being tucked in with a steady supply of freezing rain? It's 32.5 F (say 0.25 of a degree C) outside. It will be interesting.

I could mean the kitchen floor, with tastefully distributed groceries, or the bedroom floor (laundry, much in baskets, clean), or the living room where I cocoon, covered in a nasty combination of beads, embroidery floss, a few fat quarters (I have been frequenting the quilting store in the village, which is not Keepsake quite but is really pretty darned (buttonhole stitched, punchneedled) good.

I have been downstairs several times, trying to get the woodstove to start and feeding the cats and looking for a camera cable so I can download the beaded Valentines I made my daughter and our friend also named Eleanor. I am afraid the cable is in the car, which is entirely surrounded by water in its more solid, less gaseous phases.

Valentine, bead, embroidery ,craft

I found a cable in my room, with real cobwebs.

I did want a snow day. This may be excessive.PhotobucketThis is the deck outside my bedroom, with redpolls. Note that the feeder-tree is set in a joint-compound bucket. Which you can't see.

By the way, check out these chocolates. Read the interesting thing in the NYT about milk chocolate.

NH, Winter

The weather in happier times, about two weeks ago.

I finally realized I should make my Photobucket album public. You might be able to click for bigger. We'll see.


HaveFaith said...

I think your snow is really beautiful. We don't often get much and miss it. I hope you have a very nice "snowed in" Valentine's Day.

Juno said...

I adore milk chocolate, good milk chocolate. And I get so MUCH grief about it from the snobs, I mean my friends. Thanks for the article.