Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bad Girl (sneak a biscuit)

I blame the Web. I was wandering around in SCA costuming sites, wondering if the fiber fellowship there would be worth having to develop a persona (and be polite about those of others)and read about the 10-gore dress from Herjolfnes. From that site I found a link to Poison Pen Press, which despite the name is a very respectable organization run by a charming woman to whom I used to give all my money at Darkovercon and similar places. I haven't been to any science fiction conventions in awhile, so I have saved a lot of money on hotels,admission, tranportation, jewelry... so it was a very reasonable thing to order the book on the burials and archaeology and clothing from the doomed colony on Greenland. Yes, you can get it from Amazon, but even 'used' would only have saved $2 and Devra is a sweetie, as well as having way too many books about mediaeval and ancient clothing and cooking and brewing and life in general, as well as the fiction of Diana Wynn Jones and Caroline Stevermer. She provides a valuable service just finding these things, and I have never purchased a dud from her.(I also ordered the book on life along the Silk Road.)Can't wait till it gets here. The Hrjolfness book is practically a professional expense.

Sarah's socks are nearly done. They would have been if one ball, the second, had not had about 3" of sock cuff worth more yarn than the other. I used some of the excess to make a swatch, which I washed and dried and all that happened was a very slight fulling and a delirium-inducing increase in softness. So I am unravelling the swatch and undoing the cast-off and making both socks a little taller. Picture to follow as soon as I find the card reader.


Cassie said...

I have lost weeks of my life to SCA costuming sites. At least one consecutive week and then several binges that went on for days. I try to hide the file with the bookmarks all the time, but I'm not forgetful enough for that to work.

I'll have to check out the Greenland book, thanks for the tip!

pat bacon said...

hi there laura, i am having trouble with these blog things. a bit too all over the place for me. at this time in my life, one thing at a time and that is questionable. i will have to call you to get the details of all the things i touched on ,on the blog page.