Saturday, February 12, 2005

If I have a cold, I will not be pleased. There must be some other reason for sitting here and sneezing and snuffling.

Note My Heroism: There is perhaps 3/8 of a cup of milk left in the house. Rather than having, as I would usually, my fifth and sixth cup of tea (with milk) I am saving it for when my daughter gets up, since she is nearly as addicted as I am.

I think I just saw TWO Red-Breasted Nuthatches on my feeder. They are one of my favorite birds(I say that about almost all my birds, but I get the RBN rarely, and they are shy).

Something bent the birdfeeder post (maybe 1/2' thick cast iron hammered about 8" into the ground) about 45 degrees. I would have thought it was a bear, but the feeder itelf is untouched. Sarah suggested a turkey might have flown onto the top of it[ZZZPPROOingOingOing]. At any rate, the turkeys now eat very daintily out of the birdfeeder, which is weird.

Because We Have No Life

Too Much Wool, whom I don't even know, took over my body the other day and made me buy Beth Brown-Meisel's Making Ganseys and I decided to make the sampler. My housemate decided we should have a knitalong, and promptly stayed up late getting two inches ahead. This could get ugly.

Despite this, I am almost done with her Noro socks. I visited my parents and measured my father's foot. He has a long, slender foot, so although the sock will be seventeen meters long, it is only 48 stitches around, barely wider than my mother's or my own socks. I wish I could try it on again before I start to make the heel. And I am not sure whether to do the Simple Socks heel as written or try to find the directions for short-row heels that were not written by PGR ("wrapped stitches") and worked fine the last time back when I knew where the directions were. K3tog makes a lump.


Dhuglas said...

Well, perhaps then one or 2 of the males represented in the photo were vying for King o the Post! Great shot amidst the fresh snow.


Anonymous said...

Now, you don't have to know me for me to infiltrate your mind. Its what happens when you read other people's thoughts regularly and you start to think like them. Or at least think of things you probably wouldn't have thought of if you hadn't read their thoughts.

Or most likely, its just like knowing them because you know a lot of their thoughts.

Cassie said...

And yes, that was me but I forgot fill in the name and URL boxes.