Thursday, April 28, 2005

Not much fiber lately, although I was intending to get Matt a nice spindle now that A Twist On Wood has refreshed the spindle supply at the Elegant Ewe. Unfortunately Caroline's prices have gone up and the spindle I bought (hickory, with an interesting light-dark grain) is much too nice to give Matt.

Varnishing in the form of touch-up sanding has taken place, but I will be on hiatus as I am going to see the Great Hole in my parents' backyard, get products from Elaine for Doug to sell at NH Sheep and Wool, and then go to Northampton to visit Ellie, bring back a load of her stuff for the summer, and attend the MA Archaeological Society Meeting (all Paleo talks) at UMassAmhert on Saturday. There's no link because their web presence is even weaker than that of the NHAS.

I worked on my pink sweater last night. Yum. Huge thing.

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