Friday, May 13, 2005

House = messy

The shed is stable. The house looks a bit like one.

Daughter is making gluten-free coffee cake.
Soon, Daughter leaving for MA. Doug is at work and we go set up at the fairgrounds this afternoon. Cat is standing on the arm of my chair telling me I am unkind. Sarah preparing for Opening Day at Canterbury Shaker Village. Then she and I go party. House will not be cleaning itself unless the brownies kick in.

A swallow flew past on Wednesday. This morning, two male, one female Rose-breasted Grosbeak, pair of Evening Grosbeaks, pair of cardinals, many nuthatches of both varieties, pine siskins, chickadees, blue jays.... and a Cooper's (?) hawk.

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Birdsong said...

Nice to find someone blogging about birds and knitting.. Evening Grosbeaks are amongst my favorites, along with the Western Tanagers which will be honoring us with their presence shortly. Don't worry about the house, no woman has ever been remembered for her awesome housekeeping abilities.