Monday, May 16, 2005


It has been a fine weekend. My house doesn't look much the worse, actually. No brownies arrived to make it perfect, but no net worsening is pretty good.

Thursday night, Doug and I weighed fiber into small bags and manageable quantities. The yak was weird and in sort of silk-cocoon hankerchiefs and I wondered if it would be any good, but it was obvious that the baby Camel and Merino was a new love.

On Friday I went north into Concord and got a haircut and a dress for Kalila's wedding. Then I drove south to Manchester and Doug and I filled up our cars and drove back north to Contoocook/ Hopkinton Fairgrounds and unloaded our cars and put up our tables and put the vile wire cubes together and put small manageable bags of fiber into them, and then I drove back to Concord to find the Harlot RoadShow at the Elegant Ewe. Sometimes I think relatively few people in NH blog, because my dear friends and estimable enablers at the Elegant Ewe had never heard of Stephanie. But they were nice to her and gave us good cheese and wine and juice. After some discussion, Stephanie, Too Much Wool, Now Norma Knits, Moth Heaven, Knitting the Blues,Fiber Arts and Salamanders, and I (you're here) went down the road to the Siam Orchid, via what must pass for Concord's red light district ( a very pleasant not-too-scuzzy adult toy store that Julia, particularly, enjoyed). We discussed the needs of vegetarians and non-vegetarians for alcohol (it is not true that Sarah likes to absorb hers through her skin, though the waitress tried), and several of us discussed former husbands. Or current husbands and children. And the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland. And we knitted vigorously when our hands were not otherwise full.

Sarah and I staggered home and collapsed. The next morning Cindy appeared out of te in-law apartment and we staggered off to Doug's (he doesn't get a link until he updates his blog) booth, Sand Hill Fibers (named after the street on which he used to live. It allows him to have a snazzy crane on his logo.) Doug is a Louet and an Ashland Bay dealer. He has snookered me into buying in as a Peace of Yarn dealer. He also hosted HandWork Products by Elaine Benfatto, Pat of Roka Farm , who is one of our friends from SCRAP adventures, and Cindy, my former Melrose neighbor (now she lives in Putney and knits and felts belt pouches). I think Doug really likes to enable other peopel in retail. Most of us sold things. None of us actually made money, but the local fiber world agreed with my feelings about the Baby Camel fluff. It is _tasty_. The guanaco, corriedale, and yak are pretty fine as well. I was very impressed with the quality and preparation of Peace of Yarn's products. It was a particular kick to sell some guanaco to Kelly from the Elegant Ewe, who has sold me far too many things including qiviut.

And as always, I was also impressed with Linda Diak's beautiful batts and Copper Moth's lovely roving (their server seems to be down this morning). And a bag of Penny Candy (little multi-colored balls of roving, for felting or rughooking or whatever). As soon as I get the software, pictures will appear.

More soon, must run out into the SUN!!!!!


Liz said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend. Maybe next year I'll make the trek out to meet you guys & check out this festival.

Mini said...

Whoa...Melrose? As in Melrose, Massachusetts? I am a Melrosian! and went to school in NH (all good friends live north of the MA/NH border on 93). Drop me a line if you are from Melrose, MA. Hell, drop me a line anyway, i read your blog at least once a week.
:) K