Monday, May 09, 2005

oh, my fur and whiskers

The loom room is not going to be ready. Pox. No, really, that's what the floor has. Today I need to tidy, massively. Particularly the apartment, where I plan to put air mattresses, the thick kind with sheets. Needless to say, the outside of the house looks its worst, with sad little shingle-shreds everywhere, and piles of lumber.

I think I am having something like six people overnight this Saturday. I seem to be partying on Friday night with some of the WWWeb's most celebrated divas (divae?). Needless to say, I don't care what I am wearing, but I don't have a thing to knit. Sould I go with the lumpy but satisfactory Sock _2_ of Beatrice? Should I have bought the celery-colored cashmere and silk and made an elegant shawl? like the one i haven't been able to get past the first pattern? Continuing the endless sweater?

Life is too full. I am writing on an iMac, acquired yesterday at the Salem Apple store from Matt, after I had a pleasant Mother's Day experience with my mother, father, daughter, and ex. It is not really alien, but I haven't used its iLife suite yet. So I don't know when I will take the nerve and time to do what needs to be done to post pictures. But I will be taking them. And thank goodness I can edit my garage band recordings now. As if.


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Norma said...

ParTAY! Looking forward to meeting you and thanking you in advance for your hospitality. Love your line, "I have nothing to knit!" Sweet!