Sunday, July 17, 2005

It was pretty good.

I thought I had ordered the new Harry Potter. When my mailbox was still empty at 3:30 yesterday, I went and checked and it was still in my Amazon shopping cart. Ellie needed to go to Home Depot and I needed to go to the lab, so we went into Concord, had dinner, and I read the book when we got home. I meant to leave the last 100 pages for the morning but i took the book upstairs with me and...

Sometimes this reading fast thing (I am not the fastest-reading person I know, but close)is a two-edged sword: it was late and dark and I was the only person I knew who had read it, so no one to talk to, and longer than anyone else to wait for the LAST ONE, another thing of which to be careful what you wish for.

On the plus side, it leaves me with my day free, unlike daughter, who is hoping not to have too many customers at her gift shop job today.

Perhaps I shall Birch. I am tired of humidity and heat so high before noon that a simple cup of tea makes me sweat profusely.

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Try not to notice that one of these hasn't even been planted yet...

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Anonymous said...

darned if I didn't see those same flowers on Sunday. Delicious photo's