Monday, March 05, 2007

Blogger sighted

I was preparing to work out some of the kinks in my lifestyle (one occurred when Asterix realized he was hungry at 3:30 Sunday morning; giving me umm, some great contemplative time when reasonable people were allowed to sleep; thus, I was considering a 10:30 nap) when Sarah called and suggested lunch in Concord and a visit to the Elegant Ewe. I washed a week's worth of Asterix's cat food cans (he only eats kibble when I am not around. He looks great, and the other cats only get a taste of nutritionally dubious canned food, and yes, I am whipped) and moved a little furniture. Then I went into Concord, where Marci was teaching wheel spinning to some hapless newbies (hapless only because they can't realize the life of roving and degradation into which they are willingly lowering themselves) including Teresa ! Who blames me for forcing her to pick up a spindle at Rhinebeck and pushing into the life of roving and d... I thought she must surely have already been as degraded as the rest of us. I am happy to say that she was spinning beautiful fineweight in her first essay onto a wheel. The class was picking up after its lunchbreak and I complimented them on their excellent progress and lack of angst. No wheels appeared to have been thrown through the window. They said I ought to have been there before lunch.

Sarah and I supported the economy by buying a skein apiece of Mountain Goat and had Indian food, and I bought a leaf-sizing pen (sizing being the adhesive) so I can do finer work on my flames. HlessSara comments (you can see for yourself) that she progressed from a few frames to 'everything not nailed down' and I am happy to hear my passage into a life of leaf and degradation is proceeding normally. I only bought a small tea tray from the wood blanks at Michael's.

Doug came back from Hawaii and gave me an _excellent_ shirt. Someday it will be warm enough not to need a turtleneck underneath.


JoVE said...

Anyone found at Rhinebeck is well on the way to degredation already and can hardly blame you for sending them further along the path :-)

Teresa C said...

Heh! To travel the blogs lately you would think I am a spinner or something......

It was great to see you both and I hope to see you again soon. We will be spinning again this Sunday at EE. After a week of practice we should be well on our way to being pros!

Juno said...

I had friends over last night - one of whom I am shoving willy-nilly (and mostly willingly) to the cliff edge of spinning and we sat on the floor and touched things -
yak, yak and silk, cashmere, Cashmere and silk, baby camel and silk, suri alapaca and silk, cashmere & buffalo & silk. Bombyx, tussah, S. African Fine wool, bfl, merino, merino and silk, CVM, Shetland.

This is the kind of degradation that makes it look gooooood.