Saturday, March 17, 2007


Like truthiness. On Wednesday, it was 76 degrees F, and that felt really weird. The air caressed instead of rushing. It verged on too hot. Thursday, it was cooler, and despite the foot of snow that has gone in to the air and gutters lately, it was _dry_.

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My mittlet had a bad hair day.

On Friday I wanted to take a picture of the deck -- there was no snow on it. But the temperature was 28 degrees F. Which is much colder than 76F.

Then last night it snowed about a foot.

Yesterday I had a pleasant moment at work, opening my box of Diak spindles, ordered for the spinning class I teach at the Smith science fiction convention. Jessica down the hall has been discussing wanting to learn to spin, so I invited her down to see some really Good Stuff. And Jeanne came in and we had a few minutes' spinning symposium. The spindles were beautiful, and so was the packing material.

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Easter Basket(duck by Kat, )

When I left at three there was an inch of snow on the ground. I went to the bank and a couple other errands and then to the Elegant Ewe. There were two inches on the ground. I was trying to meet Jessica at four-thirty to help her choose roving, but she was not around. I helped Dee by giving her a whole bunch of amigurumi websites. Jessica turned up a little after five because she had been caught in traffic (four inches on the ground). We enabled one another and Dee found me duckie yarn (Reynolds Frisky). When I left there were five inches of snow.

It took me about twice as long as usual to get home; I didn't see any accidents, and I wasn't in any, and none of us were going more than 35 miles an hour. Very sensible.

When I got home there were at least 6 inches of snow.

Around eight pm. there came a knocking at the store and Sarah stumbled in, covered with snow (well, to the ankles); she had left the snowless Canterbury around one, got caught in traffic just south of Manchester, got diverted, bogged down, etc., till her cell phone ran out and she decided we lived closer than she or her gandfather or her mother did. Her car was at the bottom of the hill, pulled well off; she had walked about half a mile, some of it almost 45 degrees up and finishing with the deceptively gradual driveway. It was fine to have our own castaway. Doug made sure she had blankets and adequate cats. By this time there were at least eight inches of snow.

This morning there were some 13 inches of snow and a layer of fairly soft sleet on top. We all got up and lounged around, until Doug went to dig out the cars and the hot tub (man's burden on earth is to shovel snow, apparently), and Sarah did the same to the living room!! YES! The Tidying Fairy came! I helped by knitting the duck. We took frequent knitting breaks (and Doug took a nap, after only shovelling for an hour or so), and after Paul came and plowed us out we drove down to Sarah's car and dug it out in short order.

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I added feet to the duck and I am ready to go to bed.


JoVE said...

You have a tidying fairy? Can I get one? Sounds like a great day except for the driving in snow. At least you didn't have idiots driving too fast though.

And I don't blame Doug for napping after an hour of shovelling. We had some snow mixed with ice pellets a couple of weeks ago and that stuff is heavy. His shoulders will feel it. (of course, that weekend my partner was away)

Juno said...

I just Love reading about the Progress of your day. You have a knack.