Monday, March 19, 2007

Lemon Meringue Concord

Sunday my friend Pat came up from Boston and she and Doug and I went to see the Peking Acrobats, who were amazing. Pat wondered how they felt after they hit thirty, whether they had any cartilage left at all. They are very good. There were moments when the audience was biting its collective maternal tongue, trying not to tell the gymnast NOT to DO THAT. Particularly the part involving leaning on chairs on two legs. They also juggle. It was well worth the effort to get there (which other than a $4 per ticket (which were $26) service charge for using the Internet, was not excessive). And we had delicious Chinese food at Chen Yang Li beforehand.

Concord had freezing rain, which we in the highlands did not. It left an weird glaze over the snow, making an effect like meringue rather than the usual powered sugar. Click here for the album, but here's representative shot:

Which goes to show it is good to have a small cheap camera with you always. I am quite impressed how well it handled the contrasts.

Meanwhile I am knitting another duckie, because it is so much fun.

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Louise said...

Hi Laura, i left a post on teapots, teapots teapots, but i had no idea how lomg ago you left the comment there about the long john silver milk jug, like i said there i would be very interested in purchasing this item if you would like to sell, and by the way the little duckie sitting in with all the wool looks vey cute