Saturday, May 05, 2007

Life is good

I still miss Mena, and I hope I will for a long time.

It is spring even if it still goes down below freezing in many parts of my state, and I will not be planting any tomatoes for awhile.

I make made significant sockage (pictures sooner or later)in Austin and Dallas and most particularly airports... where food is overpriced, generally (though not barbecue in the Texas airports, where it was delicious in both Austin (SaltLick)and Dallas (Hickory something)), and Internet access is priceless.

There is a group called Science Scouts whose badges are funny and whose version of truth is worth examining.

I am spending too much time on the Internet.

I am spending too much money on medical expenses (my teeth, the vet).

I don't need another hobby,

I don't have enough daffodils.


Sara said...

Hey, metal clay is not a new hobby. It's just a way to make silver buttons for sweaters and maybe even a silver spindle. Or threading hook :).

And I like knowing the truth.
(So sorry about Mena)

Baycolonyfarm said...

Nice to have you back in the area although your trip sounds like it was fun.

Interesting new hobby! I'd love to see what you make.

Anonymous said...

I realize that next weekend will be a year since I met you and spent an enjoyable weekend in your company at the festival. I hope the weather is better this year and that the festival is cheering. Remembering how cold it was, you are wise not to plant tomatoes.

LauraJ said...

Hello! I was being a bit self centered and googled LauraJ. And I stumbled on to you! Lovely blog you have here. PS I go by LauraJ too!! WHo knew there are more than one?!