Monday, May 21, 2007


So I did another session of PMC and it was still hard, and Doug found the same thing and seemed doleful, so, as it rained, and rained, and rained, I suggested we bottle last May's dandelion wine. And maybe the three gallons of 9-month old Barkshack Gingermead, and the two gallons of pomegranate mead, and a gallon of sweet-fern and yarrow mead... I was busy last September. In the end we ran low on small bottles and racked (siphoned off its sediment and into a fresh gallon jug) a gallon of pomegranate and a gallon of blueberry mead. Perhaps they'll get bottled next week.

This involved hygrometer testing and of course you can't return those tubes-full to a sterile batch, so we drank them. And there are dregs, full of B vitamins. Which you will need, because the mead seems to be a tad alcoholic. All of them were relatively dry, which was a good thing. The blueberry seems the sweetest of the lot; Doug is planning to pour the lees over ice cream, because he is a sicko. The pomegranate, whose recipe I made up and named Persephone's Lament, is complex and very tannic.

Sarah called around 4pm and decided to come visit, which was good because Doug and I were walking into walls and giggling a lot. Around the same time the sun came out for the first time in perhaps a week?

Sarah made tofu yellow curry (we were still able to feed ourselves, despite giggling)and I made labels and Doug applied them. Sarah is a heroine. Doug and I are in surprisingly good shape. The kitchen is a bit sticky. Brewing is one of the hobbies that gave me excellent results right away. It cured the doleful just fine.

Toby spent the time the Daughter was here last week hiding and acting like a kitty who needed Halcion, hiding under things and slinking. Now he is sitting on my foot being as cute as possible (quite, in his little orange way) and it would be nice if he would act similarly calm for her when she returns. I wonder if he would like some mead?


Teresa C said...

I so need to come visit! What a hoot.

Unfortunately, this week is out as I am putting in some extra time at work to make up for fiber spending and room re-decs. I'm itching to start that mermaid though. That also will have to wait until I can give it more attention. Will I see you this weekend in Cummington?

Baycolonyfarm said...

Did you make it to Cummington? If you did, I'm sorry I missed you.

But it was great seeing you at NH!

Laurie said...

That is SUCH a funny post. I love how you write.