Monday, March 10, 2008

I am back

I like it here. I liked it there. My feet are not so good, as I M@US@T get Wellington boots with no heel and some arch support. Let me tell you about water-screening when it's under 40 and windy.

Better yet, wait till I upload some photos and get the text up. I remembered the secret word fine, but tried to send it to 'blogspot' instead of 'blogger' so it didn't post.

I come home and there is potting soil and birdseed in the bath tub and laundry all over the bed. The bathtub is not really much worse than I left it; Doug kept my plants alive when the cats played either Tarzan or "those-Motorcycle-things-that-fly-in -the-woods-in-The Return of the Jedi" with my plants. My amaryllis are in full bloom. The birdseed was from his keeping the birdfeeders going through the wind storms and the raccoon invasions. The laundry on my bed is clean and folded and stacked neatly at the end, lot of room to sleep.
I have the Best HouseMate EvAr.

I still like archaeology and may have learned some stuff about lithics. Unfortunately, this is really neat and exciting.

I almost finished a pair of socks in Lorna's Laces Tuscany.

more soon, I hope.

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