Monday, March 24, 2008

It was Easter.

And it didn't actually snow, so just because it's still going to be in the 30's most days this week.... ahhhggg. I know, Easter is early this year.

I spend Good Friday, a day off, reading supernatural urban fantasy, of which there is an awful lot available these days.

Saturday morning was the first day Doug was home later than 10 am at the same times as I was in a what seems like a long time. Supported by the presence of a fellow-human I actually tidied house until about 1 pm. The house is now only very messy instead of alarming. Then I did bills. Then I went to the bank, and eventually Bruce and Sue's, where Drew and Mary Ann and Donna were as well. I had not been to see Bruce and Sue in about three years, because their house is 91 miles away and I am basically no good. But I had such a good time (including beef not-unlike Bourguignon and newly legal absinthe -- this was Lucid, it tasted MUCH better diluted and louche, and it is very strong) and friendly people I hope I will do that again. There were three reflective non-practicing Catholics and a secular Jew, whom I persuaded to tell the story of Esther (it was Purim on Friday. We think they stuck another month in the Hebrew calendar this year. I always think of Purim as part of February). Everyone learned to make noise when Haman's name was mentioned, which Drew pronounced "Cheney" more than once.

Then I went to my parents'. They had been at the Easter Vigil. I had to beg them to let me go to sleep, because they are made of sterner stuff than I am. We had an informal Easter morning and went to Legal Seafood for Easter dinner (no garlic shrimp. I was sad. The mini-quiche was good, though), and then we went to Logan to pick up the Daughter and the Ex, who had spent the Daughter's spring break touring obscure Roman sites and their relatives in Southern England.


Daughter in Bath.

They had a good time. I am wistful. Boy, were they tired. Daughter had considered drivbing herself back to college and then to New Jersey for grad school interview on Wednesday, but fortunately the car in her father's driveway had a flat tire, forcing her to rethink and possibly saving several lives. After some discussion I drove her to Northampton, and then drove home. My accelerator foot wants to learn to use the cruise control.

And the archaeological unit I and the ex met working for in 1978has found a real goodie. More power to them.

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