Thursday, March 20, 2008

Warm idea

Meanwhile, in the land of Beer Labels, on the back of my shirt I started building a house. I am making a Good Times at Gault shirt. I am not looking forward to the Clovis points, many many curves. Stem stitch, I guess (stemmed point stitch? would never do for fluted!).

The beer label, by the way, started off canted like the original, but the tracing paper warped and shifted as I sewed through it. I was glad to have it at the end of the bed, wrapped around a pair of new trousers, when I realized I could not freehand the alleged goat (You think that's a goat? ('bock' beer is named after goats)(perhaps the capering that ensues) Sarah and I think it's a perfectly nice Dall sheep), but after this experience, next time I will stagger downstairs and try the Sulky stabilizer.

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