Sunday, April 27, 2008

it isn't an event if you aren't hemming something in the car

But 'it' is apparently a king-size quilt (after I specifically told Son I did not have a king-size in me, but I figured out how many squares of pattern I could get out of five yards of batik), and I can't see me hemming it on an airplane, and in fact I hope I will get to that far, and all in all it is a good thing someone keeps sneaking extra weeks into April. I have apparently found the part of my brain that messes around, because I have been doing mirror-image idiocy and needing to unpick yards of chain piecing. Which slows one down.
It's also spring, and has been warm and lovely, not quite enough to get me to do yardwork, but perfect for not wanting to leave the porch swing and go into the dark and cold dining room. Finally--the first rain in at least three weeks-- it is supposed to rain and give the amphibians a chance to have hot-tub orgies. We have had brushfire warning as soon as the snow lifted, and though we dodged the melting-floods bullet, everything is still wet and the rivers are high, so we are having a floodwatch. It's not really dramatic, thank goodness, but it is confusing.

As of yesterday I had one tiny pile of snow -- about a gallon-size, but I think my driveway finally has ice-out, April 27.

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Laurie said...

From ice to fire. Doesn't Dante have something to say about this?