Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Secrets of the Great White North

While Lucy Neatby was teaching us the intricacies of Inner Garter Stitch and the Australian Cousins, she mentioned the Canadian breakfast cereal Shreddies, to universal bewilderment. They look a bit like Chex, but (now it can be told) they are Knitted by Nanas. It makes you wonder about the true purpose of that sock camp Harlot was going on about. Maybe they made her an honorary Nana, for her service as an auntie?

I forgot to mention -- Sarah finished the quilt top, and I have a woodchuck living in what he (not pregnant, probably he) probably thinks is a Bad Neighborhood. There are cats dealing drugs and having gang wars outside his doorstep. His hole is in a retaining wall built by junior and only moderately competent Cyclopes, but I am not worried about undermining.

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