Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And in other news

So I have AMAZING fibroid (benign) tumors in and around my uterus that stagger ultrasound techs and preclude laparoscopy. They make it harder to bend in the middle and do weird things to my innards and are doing my knees no favors (like, an extra 15 pounds to carry). Except that I think details of gynecology are a topic for small, mostly female conversations, I am not embarrassed and I am, I think, excited. And appropriately frightened, since pain and inconvenience will be involved.

Naturally I hope to spread the latter around.

We are aiming for February 4 at Concord Hospital, which will mean I need to be dropped off at SIX AM. I am really sorry about that, Doug. The usual length of stay is two nights and then I hope to be home.

I have met with Dr. Martha Louise Morgan (associated with the Concord Dartmouth-Hitchcock center) once already and I like her very much. We are intending to leave the ovaries. The fibroids are too big and in the wrong place for anything but abdominal surgery. I think it will be along the same lines as the Caesarean that brought us Sam, 26 years later, but not with 9 months of bad sleep, 24 hours of labor, and a delightful non-sleeping baby and fluctuating hormones afterward. So it should not be any worse. It hurt and it itched and I got over it.

I meet with the surgeon person again on January 20 and I will not know more before that. Then I have a pre-op on Feb 2 at Concord Hospital.
I will try to keep you posted, you lucky people.



Alice said...

Blah, no fun. I wish you trouble-free surgery and a speedy recovery. On the upside, I suppose the recovery time is a good excuse for lots of time sitting around doing crafts?

cindy said...

Benign is good! Losing 15 pounds is good too. Keep us posted, but this sounds like something that is fixable.

In other news, I talked to Heidi today at length since we were both snowed in. She is doing 1/2 of an interim position in Randolph, MA. It seems they have a lot of Nigerians in the parish and they aren't always mixing well with the Piscopalians.

Cassie said...

Oh, no - but also I'm glad that its something that they can go in and fix. I wish you all the best for the surgery and recovery.

Anonymous said...

ooo, ouchie, both the fibroids and the surgery. But hey, 15 lb weight loss without having to diet or exercise? Cool!

Sending positive vibes your way for an uneventful surgery and recovery.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I had a 700 gm. fibroid and I thought THAT was big. Plan to not be 100% for a full three or four months afterwards. Sending purrs your way.


Sara said...

Bedrest: organizing DMC threads, knitting and listening to CDs. I think you are ready!

(best of luck, fingers crossed and all that).

shortoldlady said...

Been there - done that a long time ago. Mine was cantalope sized. Sending good vibes and take it easy afterward - no matter how good you feel - DO LESS!

Laurie said...

Too short a hospitalization for an epidural. Try for PCA (patient controlled analgesia). They may give you same the argument.

Expect fatigue, for at least 3 months. You hit a wall and you must lie down to nap. You will do fine. Ask your anesthesia person for zofran (anti nausea). We often use multiple drugs (haldol, decadron), all with risk/benefit profiles your anes can explain.