Friday, November 04, 2005

Finished (and unfinished) Objects

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The Koigu "Fanning the Flame" modular mittens. They are pretty bright. They are also a bit too big, because I didn't want go any farther down on the needle size and I knit loose. But Kelly of the Elegant Ewe, who taught the class, assured us that loose mittens were warmer than tight ones.

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There was going to be another set of Finished, but the weather went to mediocre after I was lying on the porch swing telling my mother in Boston (where it was already mediocre) how beautiful it was here today. But any time you can knit outside in New England in November is worth crowing over even if it comes to a cooler, cloudier end before you finish.

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Both these pairs of mittens were nearly done last week at the somewhat dull NHAS meeting (during which our state archaeologist came out in hives. He says it was a reaction to his meds, but I have my doubts). I had four rows and a cast-off to do in the Koigu and I needed the other butterfly of remaining wool. So then I worked on the twined-knitting Dulaan mittens and ran out of yarn, period. If the first one I made had not had a 'reservoir tip,' (but they're not actually ribbed, at least. Since I was making up the pattern as I went along I do not feel as bad about it as I should; at least they are warm) I might have had enough yarn to finish in one color but Norma has given me resolve and the determination to keep my head high. I don't have to undo the last centimeter of cuff on the first mitten and do it in mossy green so they'll match... but I might anyway.

It seem it might all have been much quicker to use a cuff-up twined knitting pattern or just knit it normally, but I like the way the twined-knitting feels, I know it's warmer, and I have not had good luck with the fancy decrease-toward-bind-off I learned (ha) for twined-knit mittens. Corkscrews. Not good. And since I knit my socks toe-up and Anna Zilboorg makes her lovely mittens tip down, I wanted to give it a shot. It seems to be possible. The thumbs are not too elegant, either, but they are on the appropriate sides.

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Taken from ground level, this time. The foliage took a beating during the tail-end of Wilma+Alpha last week.


Norma said...

Well. I hope I did not start a downward spiral of people running out of yarn. I see in Silvia's post this morning that she did this week, too. Not that I kid myself into thinking I have all that much power, but it would be fun, wouldn't it, to have that power? Ahem. So, onward and upward: I love BOTH pairs of mittens. And I agree - looser are warmer. Plus, you can knit a pair of gloves to wear inside, if you're so inclined. Or buy a pair of polypropylene liners. Or something along those lines. THAT makes the BEST warmth, IMHO. Well, aside from thrums, that is. Bravo on the mittens - Love 'em!

Sandysknitting said...

Hi Laura! The koigu mittens are a work of art! They look great! And I am really intrigued by the twined mittens. So much so that I may be doing a pair. Can you share your cuff "recipe" with me? I am in love with it!

Susanne said...

Hi, your "twinned knitting" links seem to be broken...or at least they are as I am reading this on Sunday about 1:30 MST or DST or whatever it is...!