Friday, November 18, 2005

a short trip

I am leaving this afternoon to go Northampton for the night; visit Bay Colony Helen; pick up daughter, and go toward Boston to meet friends and see the new Harry Potter Movie. In a perfect world I wiould also see my parents, but I am hoping to get home late Saturday night so I can try to repair the untidiness I have inflicted upon my allegedly tidy house, where we are theoretically having Thanksgiving. That's a whole different panic.

I will be outside my home for perhaps 30 hours. I have with me: an experimental hat which needs not that much more knitting (book to find out how to make modular half triangles); the first thirds of two FairIsle socks; two huge balls of worsted and another book to start a fancy angled scarf; a Dulaan hat; a spindle and roving. And probably at leas tone more project in case I am take n by aliens and need more knitting.

Does anyone else overpack their projects? I have some clothes, too, I htink, but who cares about that?


Cassie said...

I always overpack projects. I think I brought one shirt to wear (plus the one I traveled in) to Rhinebeck and at least three knitting projects, which I hardly touched.

Better safe than sorry. Or something.

Helen said...

That depends on what you mean by overpack. I mean, well, I ALWAYS take more than I could possibly knit in the allotted time, even if I did nothign BUT knit. But I do that because I like CHOICES!

What if my wrists start to hurt? THen I have to change needle sizes. And sometimes you want mindless knitting, and sometimes you want focused knitting. Gotta have options! Always.

Even it it takes an extra suitcase :-)

Anonymous said...

What I need to do is to design and build a 4 harness 36" floor loom that folds in upon itself for a 'low profile' that weighs in around 50#, with warp and project mounted. Then I can pack the yarns, wheels and spindles around it! Bench, too?

Would that be LoomPacked?


Laurie said...

I guess I do. But it's all about choices, not about practicality. There are some projects I would miss if the potential to work on them didn't exist.

Hope your Thanksgiving isn't too hectic. Feeding people is a good thing.