Sunday, November 06, 2005

Message to Sandy about twining

Sandy, I would be happy share the cuff with you, only I can't access you through the 'comments' so I would need your address. Mine is lauraejATTtdsDAHTnet.

The twining is labor intensive, until you get used to it (then regular knitting just seems fast). They say you _cannot_ do it left-handed, as is natural for a Continental-style knitter like me, but this does not seem to be true. I woke up the day after learning the twining right-handed/English-style and my left hand had figured it out.

Anyway, the cuff is the result of knitting every other stitch and purling every other _other_ stitch, K1 P1; except that since you are using two strands, one just stays on the outside and one on the inside. This is a pleasant change after the twisting inside. I suppose it makes a two-layered seed stich.

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Sandysknitting said...

You know, this morning IN THE SHOWER, I had a thought that blogger wouldn't show my email address and I wondered if it even showed my blog. In the shower. That's bad, huh?
I have done "double knitting" on a hat and I do believe that is the same thing, different name. See the pattern and technique I followed here:
Thank you for explaining the cuff. I am getting more excited by the minute to start these mittens. If you could give me a ball park number to cast on, that would be a big help. I know all the variables that go along with that statement, but how many did you cast on?
Thanks for the help!