Monday, December 19, 2005

IT, only not much

The Christmas knit-frenzy is impeded this year by tendonitis in my left thumb. Maybe a transplant? Actually, knitting only hurts a little, as opposed, apparently, to spinning (damn) and reading a paperback with one hand free (double damn). And washing dishes. Washing dishes is fatal.

So my father has been warned he may one get one and a half socks.

It snowed two Fridays in a row. Doug walked around looking out all the windows in the house and found a turkey sitting about 30 feet up, eating bittersweeet, in a tree.

Image hosted by much enhanced

It was snowing rather hard. A cardinal came and sat nearby, hoping to make a panorama worthy of Art Wolfe, but it was a pathetic effort.

Image hosted by
pretty much the way it looked

The icicles outside my bathroom window, however, are giving it their All.Image hosted by Sabre-toothed ice tiger teeth

Work is not a bad place. The Council of Churches in NH is one of the more liberal in the US, so I am happy there. Except that my computer needs more memory and an attitude adjustment, of which I suppose the same might be said of me.


Cassie said...

Whenever I try to get pictures of the birds in the trees here (no turkeys, of course) I can never focus on the birds. We had a cardinal in the tree the last time it snowed but the pictures I took were abysmal.

Ouch on the hand. Hope it feels better soon.

Sara said...

Very cool icicles. And I've never seen a cardinal, how red they are, and how they stand out in the foliage. Beautiful!

Susannah said...

Deanna's new knitting magazine-- I forget what the title is, but she brought it into work-- has a feature on alterna-knitting-- a zillion (OK, like ten) different ways to hold the needles, pick up stitches, etc. One of the methods was called Scottish knitting-- from what I could tell, you kind of wedge the end of one knitting needle into your belly button, and do all the actual knittly action with the other. Could this be a solution for your tendonitis? Could Scottish Stitching Save the Socks? Only time will tell.